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Lavender/Luna (OC)
lol I don't know what to put here now....

Name: Lavender gravity
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 5 
Personality: Sweet, kind, shy, odd, timid, creative, and cheerful.
Likes: Her friends, sleeping, stars, music, playing RP games, hugging, space, doing her fur, video games, being called Luna, and eating pizza.

Backstory: Lavender is a cat that loves space ever since she was a kit. She decided to color her fur just like the colors of space (at least that's what she thinks) many people liked her creative colors and her personality that it was easy to make friends but she was always scared towards new people but she never feared to let her creativity and her love for space run wild. 
Amy (OC)
Lol I forgot to outline her with black but I think I won't do that anymore

Name: Amy
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 19
Personality: Kind, shy, timid, positive, cheerful, friendly, and joyful.
Likes: Being with her friends, being with Tiffany, lemonade, Diet Coke, and tea, marshmallows, cupcakes, warm sunny days, watching and playing video games, plush  animals, and sleeping.

Backstory: Amy grew up in a nice home with her parents who always wanted to give anything she wanted so she could have a great childhood growing but Amy didn't care about that kind of stuff. The only thing she actually wanted was plush animals to sleep with but she always wanted the cheapest one because she didn't want her parents to pay so much for a plush doll. When she met her friends at school many people liked her fur and colorful hair and would after trie to flirt with her but they didn't care for her just for her looks (but Tiffany would end up kicking them calling them creeps) Amy was happy to have a friend by her side. As they still had a connection Amy would show her all of her plushes and Tiffany liked all of them and would nickname her plush.
Tiffany (OC)
Say hello to Tiffany!
To be honest this picture made me cringe "0-0

Name: Tiffany the flower cat (a flower cat is a type of a cat with flowers or plants on them even like poison ivy)
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 20
Personality: Nice, kind, honest, sweet, shy, brave, funny, and positive
Likes: Her friend Amy, food, flowers video games, drawing, hanging out with her friends, watching movies, and sleeping in her bed with her iPad 
Backstory and I guess some facts: Tiffany grew up with a great family and had a great childhood growing up. When she went to school she met many of her best friends like Amy, Lucy, Cee, Steven, Lavender and many more friends. She is closest with Amy and they even live together as friends. Tiffany never really liked any boys because she wasn't a girly girl but she always liked Amy as a friends (as she says) Tiffany also likes playing video games with her friends. 
Lucy (OC)
Say hello to Lucy!

Name: Lucy the cat
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 24
Personality: Very shy, sweet, nice, caring, funny, crazy, violent, insane, sometimes unstable
Likes: Videogames, Roleplaying, killing, being with her friends, rides, music, pasta, her fluffy tail, relaxing, having fun, and strawberrys

Backstory: Lucy grew up in a big house with her mother and her father who were always drinking, fighting, and yelling but the worst part was that they would take their anger on their own child Lucy. She would always lock herself in her room when ever her mother or father would yell or start a fight and if they tried to harm her she would just hold the door as they would threaten to be violent with her. As she grew up nothing changed until one day as her parents were fighting Lucy took a glass bottle and banged it against a table to get her mothers and fathers attention to see her crying begging them to stop and after that they eventually stop drinking. Lucy finally thought that this was the beginning of a better life until her parents decided to get a divorce and put her up for adoption thinking this was a better idea for Lucy so she can have a better family. When her mother and father gave her up for months she cried herself to sleep thinking about her mother and father. At this time she had not started school yet so a family that wanted to raise a child that had not went to school yet took Lucy. Lucy loved her new mother and step father who never drank nor taken anything bad for their heath. Once for her birthday her mother gave her a camera to take pictures for Lucy because she loved to take pictures of the outside world. When school started she met many students that are her friends to this day like Tiffany and she even joined the photography club. Since Lucy was very short other students made fun of her so Tiffany as a good friend stood up for her and always defended her. One day Lucy had reached the end of her sanity so she asked the students who bullied her to meet her at the back of her school so she could kill them. As done she killed them all and she took pictures of her dead victims and she placed them in another of her bullies basement to make it seem that they had planed to kill Lucy victims instead of Lucy. Lucy blamed her last bully for the murder of her victims and they were taken to jail for murder of five students. Now Lucy hangs out with her friends as they always cheer her up and she lives a happy life still killing her those her bully her.


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